11/26/2017 Jets Tailgate Party, Panthers at New York Jets

Register now, both single party passes and limited availability of private tents. What is the Private Tent?

Donation for this tailgate party is $50.

Joe’s Birthday Tailgate!

Yup, it’s that time of year. We will be serving my favorite burger as well as some other great stuff, and their will be a DJ setting the party off with a set of 90’s east coast hip hop and other great party music!

NY Jets Tailgate Party week 12 2017

  • TailgateJoe is the largest game day fan club and tailgate party for the New York Jets.
  • We are located in Green Lot E15
  • Tailgate Passes do not include parking or game entry.
  • All parties are rain/shine/snow, if the team is there, so are we!
  • All registrations are final.

The Tailgate Menu

  • Specialty Burger……The “Thank You Subway” burger , an homage to John’s Deli. As an extra special treat, our own TGJ crew member “Sal Mozzarella,” the former cheese maker at EATaly, is making the mozzarella for these burgers, as well as Pat Lafrieda chuck/short rib/brisket blend beef. Lafrieda is the source of the best burgers in NYC!
  • SPECIAL ITEM Hibachi Fried Rice with BBQ Roast pork, yes, I will be making this fresh at the tailgate!
  • SPECIAL ITEM Beer simmered brats
  • SPECIAL ITEM Maple bacon sriracha Mac cheese
  • Joe’s award winning chili dogs. Try one and tell me it ISN’T the best chili dog you have ever had!
  • Taylor ham sandwiches, a NJ delicacy
  • Bbq beans with smoked pork
  • Assorted chips, snacks
  • Fresh filled on the spot cannoli

On Tap chillin’ in the kegerator:

  • Kelso of Brooklyn
  • Miller Light
  • other domestic/premium possibilities.

Kelso of Brooklyn is a local NYC craft beer brewer. Their beers are only available in draft by the keg and served at NYC’s better restaurants and bars. We are pleased to work with Kelso as the Pour of Choice for all Tailgate Joe home games.

Location: We arrive and set up 5 hours before kickoff, and generally have food and beer flowing within a half hour. Our location is Green Lot E15, along the curb. We are conveniently located near the stadium. Generally, we have things going 4 hours before kickoff. More info on our location is here.

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