2010 Party JN Discount page


I am offering this discount to JN members that I consider friends, so please follow these rules. These parties are very expensive and time consuming and no real money is made here to begin with. These discounts are my way of thanking Max for everything he has done for the Jets fan community and those whose online and real life company I enjoy. Please keep this in mind when reading the rules.

  • Do not give this page url to ANYONE, if it is leaked then I will have to kill the discount for everyone.
  • One discounted pass per game per screen name. Please do not pm, email, or come up to me at the game and ask for more than one. If you can’t read and comprehend this, then I can’t (and won’t) reply to your emails or pms and will just walk away from you at the game!
  • Discount only applies to prepay, you will have to pay the full game day price if you show up, see above about me walking away from the stupid people who do not read.
  • Fake and multiple alias/screennames do not count, do you hear me Ecurb and War Ensamble???
  • You will be asked to input your JN screen name for every pass, this is required!
  • Pass is only to be used by the JN poster whose screen name was given, do not give it to anyone else, you will get caught and we will make fun of you on the boards.
  • Do NOT attempt to buy more than 1 discounted pass per game, if you do this I will have to manually void your whole transaction and make fun of you on the JN boards for being a dumbass.
  • If you need passes for friends, just go to the regular prepay page and buy theirs there.
  • I reserve the right to kill the discount for any and everyone if I believe the system is being gamed in any way.

The Season Pass

If you know you are going to attend all the games, this is a great option. It entitles you to all the home game parties during the regular season, and a reduced amount for any playoff games.
(This pass is non-transferable, you will be asked for the names for each pass purchased)
JN Prepay $140

JN screen name

Single Game Prepay

Not sure if you are going to all the games, than here is your option. You can prepay for as many games as you like, just add them to the cart. We reserve the right to raise the price if we add any special events to a given date and may pull certain dates from the prepay list if demand is too strong, anyone who prepays before changes will be locked in on the lower prices.
Prepay ends 48 hours before kickoff
We arrive 5 hours before kickoff, we have listed the parties starting 4 hours before kickoff but feel free to show up 5 hours before, we’ll have food and beer ready!

Week 1 — Ravens — Monday 9/13 7pm (2pm tailgate start)

Season Opener in our new home means an extra special spread, the traditional Mexican Tailgate offerings including our award winning Sanchize Dog!
JN Prepay $25.00 (game day $35.00)

Week 2 — Patriots — Sunday 9/19 4:15pm (12:15pm tailgate start)

JN Prepay $20.00 (game day $30.00)

Week 3 — Dolphins Away Game — Sunday 9/27 8:30pm (4:30pm tailgate start)

JN Prepay $30.00 (game day $35.00)

Week 5 — Vikings — Monday 10/11 8:30pm (4:30pm tailgate start)

This is another big time Monday Night game, and also a TailgateJoe Charity game, $5 from every pass goes to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

JN Prepay $25.00 (game day $35.00)

JN screen name

Week 8 — Packers — Sunday 10/31 1pm (9am tailgate start)

JN Prepay $20.00 (game day $30.00)

JN screen name

Week 11 — Texans — Sunday 1pm (9am tailgate start)

JN Prepay $20.00 (game day $30.00)

JN screen name

Week 12 — Bengals — Thursday 8:20pm (4:20pm tailgate start)

What a better way to celebrate THANKSGIVING than with an awesome TURKEYDAY TAILGATE and a national televised Jets game! This party will have all the home made Thanksgiving fixin’s, including lots of deep fried turkey. Joe and Sal will show you how a bunch of fat Italian bastards eat on Thanksgiving!
JN Prepay $35.00 (game day $50.00)

JN screen name

Week 14 — Dolphins — Sunday 12/12 4:15pm (12:15pm tailgate start)

JN Prepay $20.00 (game day $30.00)

JN screen name

Week 17 — Bills — Sunday 1/02 1pm (9am tailgate start)


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