2011 New York Jets Tailgate Party Schedule

The Lockout is over and the 2011 season is here, and so is TailgateJoe!! The last 2 years have been a huge success and this year we have made some improvements that will keep TailgateJoe the #1 Jets fan club with the greatest party on gameday.

(Check out some of the improvements we have made for 2011 here)

For those of you who have just found us and wondering what we are about, we are a Jets fan club that is open and free to anyone who wants to join us, including some opponent fans who need a place to party on game day. For those who want to partake in our food and beverages, you can make a dues donation. We collect dues either on a gameday or full season basis, depending on what works better for you. The dues collected go toward all the food and expenses for the game day tailgate, as well as $5 to the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society. This is not a business and Joe and the gang are not pro cooks/chefs/or caterers and we are not selling food. Your dues will go toward the cost of some great food and beverages shared with other Jets fans. Below are your dues options. You can also make your donation at the party on gameday, but it will cost a little more and on some busy days we might have to cut the walk-ins if crowding occurs. It is very helpful to us in planning the best party if you select one of the prepay options below. Prepay allows us to better plan for expected crowds.

Home Game Pass

We have a lot of people that come to most/all of our home game parties. We wanted to make it easy, and a little cheaper, to pay their dues by offering a season home game pass. This allows them to attend every regular season home game.
by 8/27 $200 afterwards $220
Buy tickets for 2011 Jets Home Game Tailgate Party Season Pass

2011 Games

Week 1 HOME Cowboys at Jets
Sun, 9/11 3:40-8:20pm
by 8/27 $25 By gameday $30 at game $35
Buy tickets for Week 1 Tailgate Party Cowboys @ Jets

Week 2 HOME Jaguars at Jets
Sun, 9/18 8:20-1pm
by 8/27 $25 By gameday $30 at game $35
Buy tickets for Week 2 Tailgate Party Jaguars @ Jets

Week 3 AWAY Jets @ Raiders
not doing the tailgate

Week 4 AWAY Jets @ Ravens
Sun, 10/2 3:50-8:20pm
Buy tickets for Week 4 Tailgate Party Jets @ Ravens

Week 5 AWAY Jets @ Patriots
Sun, 10/9 11:45-4:15pm
Buy tickets for Week 5 Tailgate Party Jets @ Patriots

Week 6 HOME Dolphins @ Jets
Mon, 10/17 3:50-8:30pm
by 8/27 $30 By gameday $35 at game $40
Buy tickets for Week 6 Tailgate Party Dolphins @ Jets

Week 7 HOME Chargers @ Jets
Sun, 10/23 8:20-1pm
by 8/27 $25 By gameday $30 at game $35
Buy tickets for Week 7 Tailgate Party Chargers @ Jets

Week 8 BYE

Week 9 AWAY Jets @ Bills
Sun, 11/6 9am-1pm

Week 10 HOME Patriots @ Jets
Sun, 11/13 3:40-8:20pm
by 8/27 $20 By gameday $35 at game $40
Buy tickets for Week 10 Tailgate PartyPatriots @ Jets

Week 12 HOME Bills @ Jets
Sun, 11/13 8:30am-1pm
by 8/27 $20 By gameday $30 at game $35
Buy tickets for Week 10 Tailgate Party Bills @ Jets

Week 13 AWAY Jets @ Redskins
Sun, 12/4 9:15am-1pm
Buy tickets for Week 13 Tailgate Party Jets @ Redskins

Week 14 HOME Chiefs @ Jets
Sun, 12/11 8:30am-1pm
in advance online $30 at game $35
Buy tickets for Week 14 Tailgate Party Chiefs @ Jets

Week 15 AWAY Jets @ Eagles
Sun, 12/18 11:45am-4pm
Buy tickets for Week 15 Tailgate Party Jets @ Eagles

Week 16 HOME Giants @ Jets
Sun, 12/24 8:30am-1pm
$40 — 200 person max!!
Buy tickets for Week 16 Tailgate Party Giants @ New York Jets

Week 17 coming soon

**We are out there rain or shine, please keep in mind their are no refunds, as we use the attendance numbers to ensure enough food for the crowd. As such, we can not return the food and as such, can’t refund the pass.

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