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January 2012

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Bacon Sausage Bites, Sweet and Spicy

January 12, 2012

Right now there is a recipe making the rounds on the bbq/smoking message boards that people are calling “pork shots” or “pork candy.” It basically consists of taking a slice of sausage, like kielbasa, and wrapping a strip of thick bacon around it to form a little pork cup and then filling it with some [...]

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Coleman PerfectFlow Grill

January 12, 2012

TGJoe started out much like your ordinary tailgate. Before the trailer, the 6 ft commercial grill, the kegs, their was a handful of friends, 4-10 on any given day. The first tailgate toy purchased for these game day get togethers was the Coleman PerfectFlow Grill. At the time, the PerfectFlow was really all Coleman offered [...]

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Jets 2012 Opponents

January 10, 2012

We don’t have the final schedule for 2012 yet, but we do know the opponents.
Home — Buffalo, Miami, New England, Houston, Indianapolis, San Diego, Arizona, San Francisco.
Away — Buffalo, Miami, New England, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Seattle.
Of course we will be at every home game in 2012 like we always are. As far as [...]

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