2017 NY Jets Tailgate Schedule

by Joe on May 7, 2017

Well Jets fans, 2017 is here! We may be in a bit of a rebuild, but if you look at past seasons, the Jets usually surprise when they aren’t supposed to be great on paper. Either way, it will be a fantastic season for partying and having a great time on game day! I have been hard at work coming up with new menu ideas, and we are going to rock the mic in the lot this year!

Season Tailgate Passes

If you are planning on joining us for a few games, the TGJ Season Tailgate Pass is a great option. In addition to being a significant savings off the gameday donation, it helps us raise some funds early for equipment purchases we need to make in preparation for the season.

We will be offering a limited number of passes for a limited time. I am planning on keeping this active until mid  to late May, but may close it down any time before that.

$270 a savings of $130 off the gameday donation

The pass entitles one person to access to all 8 2017 home NY Jets regular season tailgate parties

Individual Games

Week 3 Dolphins at Jets, our annual Mexican Tailgate Theme

Week 4 Jaguars at Jets, our Asian 80’s Tailgate Theme

Week 6 Patriots at Jets, our annual Italian Tailgate Theme

Week 8 Falcons at Jets

Week 9 Bills at Jets Chicken Wing Party!!

Week 12 Panthers at Jets

Week 13 Chiefs at Jets

Week 16 Chargers at Jets Season Finale Blowout!


VIP Tent

We offer an upgraded semi private VIP experience for those with a small group that want to join the biggest and best NY Jets tailgate party at Metlife, but also want a small private area for their group. These are in limited supply, with between zero to three available per game depending on the schedule and bookings. There are two options:

  • For a flat fee of $450 we offer a tent/keg option. We set up a 10×10 tent and personal keg plus co2 draft system.
  • For a flat fee of $650 we offer a tent/keg/waitress option. This includes everything plus a waitress who will skip the food lines and handle getting food for the group.

These fees are on top of the per head donation for that game, which typically runs $35-$50 depending on game and tailgate party menu. These are meant for groups of 4-20 people. You can also contact us at joe@tailgatejoe.com for other options to enhance your VIP tent.

Upgraded Experiences

For those that want something a little different, like a special menu, your own tent, etc. Want a full NY Steak house spread with the top prime grade cuts available? Italian specialties? An oyster bar? A parking lot poker party? We can make it happen.

Got any ideas for TailgateJoe? Want to be featured on the site?

image of tailgatejoe. tailgate blog and official jetnation tailgate party.

We are a site dedicated to the primal nature of man, to gather around the fire, eat, laugh, and drink! If you have any ideas for posts or content for the site drop us a line! Even if the idea sucks a little bit we can usually spit shine it to some degree!

If you are a chef or in the restaurant/hospitality industry, make or market cool guy-toys, or just have something you want featured on TailgateJoe then we want to hear about it. We are always looking for cool content and TailgateJoe is a great promotional outlet for you and your product/service.

Get in touch with us!.

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