9/22/13 Week 3 Bills at Jets Tailgate Party Video

by Joe on September 28, 2013

The Jets came into week 3 at 1-1 after a heartbeaking loss to the heated division rival New England Patriots. Week 3 saw another divisonal game against the Buffalo Bills. It was a great day for a game and the Jets pulled out the win!

The tailgate party before the game was also great, with over 250 diehard Jets fans, and a few visiting fans, joining our gameday fan club and tailgate party. We had one of our crowd favorites, Mom’s home made meatball sliders, along with something we served for the very first time, smoked chicken wings! We used some great bbq rubs and smoked them in our new competition smoker, a Fast Eddy’s Cookshack FEC120.

Check out some video from the tailgate party here, including a few words from former NY Jet Tackle Jason Fabini who is a TailgateJoe fan club regular:

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