Our Parties

Here you will find some posts from some of the great tailgate parties we have thrown or attended. While we are the official tailgate party for Jetnation.com, we also throw tailgate parties at Jets away games and other football and sporting events. Also, we are available for hire for other sporting events or anywhere else an outdoor "tailgate atmosphere" type party is wanted.

2017 NY Jets Tailgate Schedule

May 7, 2017

Well Jets fans, 2017 is here! We may be in a bit of a rebuild, but if you look at past seasons, the Jets usually surprise when they aren’t supposed to be great on paper. Either way, it will be a fantastic season for partying and having a great time on game day! I have [...]

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Past Tailgate Menus

September 6, 2016

For those of you who haven’t been to a tailgateJoe party, the food is what we are known for. The menu for each game changes, so I figured some people might want to see what we have served at past games. Here is the listing for the past few years.
1/1/17 Bills @ Jets
12/17/16 Dolphins @ [...]

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Trailer Fundraiser

May 12, 2016

I run the TailgateJoe fan club as a labor of love, crazy as that sounds with the amount of labor that goes into it! I think anyone who has been to one of my parties knows how much time, energy, love, and money goes into it. Insisting on doing the food ourselves and the quality [...]

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2016 NY Jets Tailgate Schedule

April 22, 2016

Here we are, the 2016 season! I am really looking forward to building off the success and turn around the Jets 2015 season was under rookie head coach Bowles. I am also hard at work making sure the 2016 season is our best yet, with some new menu items, equipment, etc to make our parties [...]

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9/27/15 Week 2 Eagles at Jets Tailgate Party Recap

October 1, 2015

What a great day, until kickoff!! We really lived up to our rep of being the biggest and best New York Jets tailgate party at Metlife. We had 563 guests this week, our largest tailgate party ever! With extra beer tap stations and a second grill kitchen set up, we were rockin’ and rollin’ with [...]

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NY Jets 2014 Season Tailgate Party Info

April 24, 2014

The schedule has been released, and it looks pretty good. Of course TailgateJoe, the biggest and best game day fan club/tailgate party for the NY Jets, will be there for all home games again this season. We are planning lots of great new menu items for this season as well, as we try to get [...]

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12/22/13 Week 16 Browns at Jets Tailgate Party Video

January 5, 2014

Unfortunately every season has to come to an end. It was disappointing to end the season with a meaningless game against a meaningless opponent, but the season was a success when you look at the expectations of this team at the beginning of the season. We had a smaller than usual turnout at about 100 [...]

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12/8/13 Week 14 Raiders at Jets Tailgate Party Video

December 16, 2013

The Jets bounced back from a bad loss to take on the Raiders in week 14 and pull out a win in what might have been one of their best offensive performances of the year.
We were lucky that the cold blustery conditions of the previous few days subsided and gave us a relatively mild Sunday [...]

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12/1/13 Week 13 Dolphins at Jets Tailgate Party Video

December 16, 2013

Week 13 started out great with perfect weather and a great tailgate. Unfortunately the Jets didn’t hold up there end of the bargain as we got clubbed not just by any team, but hated rivals the Miami Dolphins.
As far as the tailgate party, this one was a little special as we served what I feel [...]

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11/3/13 Week 9 Saints at Jets Tailgate Party Video

November 4, 2013

November is here as we get into the thick of the season. Nobody saw this game coming as the Jets upset the Saints and grabbed the win at home! This was one of our larger crowds as we hit over 300 fans joining our party. Everyone enjoyed some great food as we prepared our smoked [...]

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