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TailgateJoe is the largest gameday fanclub and tailgate party, dedicated to bringing together Jets fans on game day to share camaraderie and enjoy some great food. As such, the TGJ family and operation is primarily run by and with the help of volunteers. Most of the TGJ regulars know them as Frankie, Jay, George, Mike, Theresa, my brother Andrew, and of course Chef Sal. Heck, even my parents help out!! I am indebted to these people, and all the others who help me out on any given week, without all of them TGJ and the BEST JETS TAILGATE PARTY AT METLIFE STADIUM just would not be possible.

We are already looking forward to a bigger and better 2012 season. Along those lines, we are looking for a few people with certain expertise to join the TGJ family and volunteer to help make 2012 and beyond even better. If you have a knack or skills in any of these areas and want to pitch in, then holla back at

Areas of need:

Photographer: people to document the days festivities, the guests and food. Preferably someone with some real photography experience or chops. We would like 2 or 3 people so we know we always have coverage.

Videography: someone to shoot video of the tailgate, both wondering the party and set content shoots. We can provide a camera if needed. Ideally would like someone who can also handle editing.

grill man: a lot of the TGJ crew spends a little time at the grill, at this point we would like to add someone who has some real world experience as a chef/cook handling high volume.

Social media mavens: do you have a ton of twitter followers, check in on foursquare 20 times a day, and love to get the word out? Well, help us spread the word about tailgatejoe!

Writers/Bloggers: We want to kick up the content on TGJ. We are looking for writers who can write about some of these topics: the NFL, Jets, Tailgating, Cooking, Cooking/Grilling tech and gear.

TGJ hostesses/ brand ambassadors

We will be adding here to the list of needs, if any sound like they are up your alley then let me know!

The TGJ crew, without them none of this is possible!

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Richard August 1, 2012 at 2:09 am

Max at JN passed on your details. me and two buddies are flying in for the season opener from Hong Kong and the UK. We will definately swing by and say hi. Your tailgate looks great.

See you in a month, Richard


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