Hire Joe

Joe of TailgateJoe.com is available for:

  • Giants tailgate parties: As a huge Jets fan, Joe and the gang only throw tailgate parties at NY Jets games. We are available for catering private NY Giants tailgate parties when the Jets are not in town and Joe isn’t driving to an away game. We have done parties for both private casual groups as well as corporate events like NBC Universal corporate gatherings.
  • Other sporting event tailgate/hospitality parties: Want to put together a group of friends or clients for a nascar race or concert or other event tailgate party? We can provide a turnkey solution.
  • Outdoor parties and events. Joe and his gang serve great food to hundreds of people in a parking lot, imagine what we can do in your back yard, block party, etc.
  • Speaking engagements: With numerous tv and radio appearances as well as trade show experience, Joe is comfortable speaking and engaging the public on topics such as the NFL, NY Jets, tailgating, outdoor cooking, and grilling. Whether for tv, live discussions, or demos, Joe can put together an informative and entertaining show.
  • Print media: Joe is available for interviews as well as writing/blogging gigs on a number of topics including the NFL, NY Jets, tailgating and tailgating gear, outdoor cooking, and grilling.
  • Product reviews: Have a great product that fits in with football, the Jets, tailgating, or outdoor cooking and grilling? Need some exposure to those key markets? We can put it out there and get it in front of your target audience.
  • Consulting: Traveling the country, planning and executing parties of 2-300 or more people in a parking lot, and cooking and feeding them all means Joe and his crew know what works, what will work, and more importantly what won’t work. Joe can help you consult on your outdoor cooking or tailgating product or service. With real life experience in product design and development and dealing with overseas production, Joe can come in at any stage of development and consult on getting your product right for the tailgating/grilling/outdoor market.

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