How It Started

It all started back around 2000, when a group of friends and I started regularly attending Jet’s games. Back in those days, it was a group of 6 or so, huddled around a small Coleman camp grill with a cooler of beer before the game. Every year our group got a little bigger, as more friends of friends joined in, and my grill got a little bigger (and of course the beer cooler as well!). Finally, by the end of the 2008 season, our group had grown to up to 30-40 for some games. At this point I realized two things. First, I had made some great new friends and contacts, and second, a lot of people for one reason or another could not enjoy such an important part of the game day experience. I decided to put up a website, what I do to pay for my football addiction, and open it up to anyone else who cared to join us on game day. If we could also raise a few bucks once in a while for cancer research, I am a cancer survivor, that would be a sweet bonus.

In 2009 for the Jets last season at the old Giants Stadium TailgateJoe was born, as the FIRST, and largest, game day Jets fan club and tailgate party. We have grown from 30-50 people per game in 2009 to 300+ during the 2011 season. We have been able to also raise a few dollars for charity, and are always interested in helping good causes. It has been a great experience for me, to share my love and passion for the NFL, the Jets, and cooking with others every game day. The TailgateJoe fan club is and always has been open for all those to come and enjoy.

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