NY Jets Tailgate Party Roadtrip Kansas City 2016

Sorry guys, plans with the caterer we were going to use fell through, and I just couldn’t reliably find anyone that I felt could provide the level of tailgate service that would be up to the standards people expect of a tailgatejoe party. Unfortunately, we won’t have anything organized for this game.

Kansas City is a great town with an awesome stadium and football culture, and the BBQ ain’t half bad either! I am working out logistics of putting together a great weekend party in KC for the NY Jets game, with a Saturday night dinner and gameday tailgate at the stadium on Sunday featuring some of the best BBQ in KC. Just like our home games, our away game tailgate will revolve around outstanding food and a great fun atmosphere. Give me a few days to nail down the specifics. Feel free to email me at joe@tailgatejoe.com for details.

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