12/24/2011 Tailgate Party, Giants at New York Jets

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The New York Jets are fighting for their playoff life, and as if that weren’t enough, we are taking on the New York Giants in not only a rare regular season matchup, but also for the first time each are squaring off with their playoff destiny on the line. This i shaping up to be a classic Jets and Giants game.


Normally, we prepare for 250-350 people, depending on the game and the amount of pre registrations we get. Due to this coming on Christmas eve, and other family things I have planned, we are instituting a 200 person max for this party, which I am 110% sure we will hit. This means once we hit 200 pre registrations or walk-ins if we get that far, we will not be able to accommodate anyone else. I do NOT want to turn away any of my regulars, so please register online asap. I am sorry I have to do this, but there is really no way around it for me with the holidays.

The Tailgate Menu

This menu is a doozy, easily our best ever

  • Fresh mini bagels with all the spreads to start the morning
  • Chicken and dumpling soup
  • Italian sausage and peppers from the best pork store in NYC, Espositos
  • Pulled Pork with blue cheese slaw sliders
  • Grilled smoked sausages
  • Mini cocktail beef patties
  • Burgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Our award winning tailgate chili
  • Fresh filled cannoli
  • plus other random treats

On Tap chillin’ in the kegerator:

We will have some great selections from Kelso of Brooklyn as well as some premium imports.

Kelso of Brooklyn is a local NYC craft beer brewer. Their beers are only available in draft by the keg and served at NYC’s better restaurants and bars. We are pleased to work with Kelso as the Pour of Choice for all Tailgate Joe home games.

Location: We arrive and set up 5 hours before kickoff, and generally have food and beer flowing within a half hour. Our location is Green Lot E10, along the curb. We are conveniently located near the stadium. More info on our location is here.

Pass the word along on any of the Jets fan messageboards as well! And please, if you are thinking of attending it would be great if you could leave a quick comment at the bottom , along with how many peeps you think you may have in tow.

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Bob Doyle December 20, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Hey Joe,
Thanks again for makiing Philly a great trip. Going to join you again for the Giants and just wondering about the setup.
Should we lug over a table and chairs? Is there enough space if we do?


Joe December 21, 2011 at 3:04 am

Bob, there is plenty of room if you want to do that, and some of my regulars do, it just depends on if you want to or not. I can have my guys store it in the trailer until after the game as well if that helps you.


Eric December 23, 2011 at 8:59 am

Hi Joe,
My wife and I will be going to the game and would love to tailgate with 200 jets fans. Can you let me know if their are any walkin spots available and if so hold 2??


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