Wrestlemania 29 Tailgate Party, Metlife Stadium

by Joe on March 29, 2013

TailgateJoe, the biggest and best game day fanclub and tailgate party for the New York Jets fans as well as one of the best game day tailgate experiences in the NFL, has decided to have a little off season fun as our home field plays host to Wrestlemania 29 at Metlife Stadium. For those that aren’t Jets fans and don’t know the deal with TailgateJoe, here is a little background:

TailgateJoe.com is the #1 game day fan club and tailgate party at all home NY Jets football games. With 300+ guests each week, Joe and the gang put on the best parties in the meadowlands! Known for great food, and plenty of it, the TGJ party has been mentioned in the book “100 Things Jets Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die”, on Food & Wine’s “Best Tailgating Cities” list, Featured and filmed live on Japan’s NHK Network morning show, Fitbie/MSN’s 11 Fat Bombs of Football Season, featured in Tailgater Monthly Magazine, and Joe has appeared on 2 episodes of TLC’s hit show American Chopper including filming at a TGJ party as well as spoken as a guest and tailgate authority on the nationally syndicated daytime show Anderson Live with Anderson Cooper. Not a traditional caterer trapped in the constraints of running a business and looking at sticking to a profit margin, TGJ is a hobby and passion and is run as such, taking tailgating and summer grilled classics and kicking them up a few notches using the best ingredients to produce gourmet, delicious offerings.The TGJ crew has competed for the last 3 years in the Great Hot Dog Cook Off, winning 2nd place twice (we were robbed the 2nd year with some guy serving a lobster roll hot dog, c’mon now!!) and 1st this year, and are planning a full slate of competitive cooking and comp bbq events for the spring/summer of 2013. Joe has spent time studying at the house of world BBQ champion and judge on TV’s American Pitmasters Myron Mixon in the summer of 2012 to gain even more bbq knowledge and in preparation for taking TGJ to the next level. In addition to the TGJ parties, Joe occasionally does do some select private parties/events as his schedule permits.

Wrestlemania Tailgate Menu:

  • The TGJ Lot Burger, our first signature burger and one of the best burgers you will ever eat. This burger is a 7oz custom Pat Lafrieda blend of chuck, short rib, and brisket. For those who don’t know, Lafrieda is the meat purveyor behind virtually all of the best burgers in NYC. We then top that with our own cheddar sauce and “quick caramelized” onions, all piled onto a fresh bakery made bun made special for us by Brooklyn’s own Royal Crown Bakery.
  • Our Pulled Pork sliders with slaw and Wrestling Personality Jim Ross’s bbq sauce. We use BBQ king Myron Mixon’s recipe and preparation for competition quality Boston Butt pork shoulder (I spent time last summer at Myron’s house in Georgia learning from him). We then finish them with some of Jim Ross’s bbq sauce and our home made slaw, served on sweet Hawaiian rolls.
  • Classic Sausage and Pepper Hero. We use Italian sausage from Esposito’s, the #1 pork store in NYC. We grill up whole links and fry up fresh onions and peppers on the spot, no trays of oily premade cheap sausage chunks and limp peppers like every catered event you have ever been to!
  • Blue Cheese Slaw Chili Dogs. We take a huge nearly 1/4 lb Nathan’s hot dog, top it with our home made Blue Cheese Slaw and famous award winning hot dog chili sitting on a nice big bakery fresh roll custom baked for us by Royal Crown Bakery. The chili was featured in our award winning dogs for The Great Hot Dog Cookoff in 2011 and 2012, as was our Blue Cheese Slaw in 2011.
  • Grilled Smoked Polish Sausage Sliders with home made jalapeno/habanero pepper Jelly.
  • Mom’s home made pasta salad.
  • Cheesey Scalloped Potatoes.
  • Fresh filled on the spot cannoli, not only the best cannoli you have ever had in a parking lot, but probably the best cannoli you have ever had period!
  • Assorted chips, snacks, cookies, soda, water.

On Tap chillin’ in the kegerator:

  • Kelso of Brooklyn Pilsner
  • Miller Light

Kelso of Brooklyn is a local NYC craft beer brewer. Their beers are only available in draft by the keg and served at NYC’s better restaurants and bars. We are pleased to work with Kelso as the Pour of Choice for all Tailgate Joe home games.


$45 donation registered online ($55 donation limited availability gameday). We may cut of online registration at any time after Wednesday or sooner if we reach capacity. We may also not offer or at some point cut off during the day any walkups at the event. We have to ensure enough food for everyone who donates. Your best bet is to sign up online now.

Please keep in mind, the party goes on rain or shine, and due to the nature of having to provision for each guest that we can not refund any donations.

About the party

This is a 5 hour party from 2-7pm and is all you can eat. We will have our flat panel tv showing past wrestling events as well as multiple beer pong tables set up.

Location: Our location is Green Lot E10, along the curb. We are conveniently located near the stadium. More info on our location is here.

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We are a site dedicated to the primal nature of man, to gather around the fire, eat, laugh, and drink! If you have any ideas for posts or content for the site drop us a line! Even if the idea sucks a little bit we can usually spit shine it to some degree!

If you are a chef or in the restaurant/hospitality industry, make or market cool guy-toys, or just have something you want featured on TailgateJoe then we want to hear about it. We are always looking for cool content and TailgateJoe is a great promotional outlet for you and your product/service.

Get in touch with us!.

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john April 4, 2013 at 8:59 am

is beer the only beverage or do you serve soda too?

Joe April 4, 2013 at 10:29 am

Yes we have soda as well.

Jim April 9, 2013 at 9:13 am

Where were the TVs showing the classics? The tailgate next to yours with the projection screen said they were all on their own???

Joe April 9, 2013 at 11:47 am

The TV was in the trailer. For most of the day the winds were blowing extremely high, gusts over 35+. The TV setup and the beer pong tables are put out subject to wind and rain. With that many people packed in the lots we have to think of safety first. Wind can be a real issue, just this past year we had ANOTHER tailgate group’s 20f long tent come loose and blow clear over our tailgate trailer, almost rip off our roof top sat dish, and come down unexpectedly on the other side of the trailer. I have to make sure everyone safely enjoys there day as best I can.

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