About Sunday Night’s Bengals tailgate party

by Joe on January 4, 2010

Just wanted to come on here to give everyone a heads up. This isn’t the normal post-game wrap up post with gameday photos, that will come in the next few days.

It is just about 3:30am and after getting home at 12:30, unpacking the trailer and scrubbing way too many pots and pans and before I hit the sack for 3 hours before work I wanted to come on here and give everyone a heads up on our late arrival tonight. I know there were a few people that didn’t find us tonight, some of them first timers with us, and I wanted to just first of all say I am sorry for that. Long story short, we had to get a u-haul trailer last minute to bring everything, and somewhere between loading it at my house and just after I crossed over the goethals bride from Staten Island to New Jersey thebrake/turn lights on the trailer malfunctioned. I was pulled over by a NJ trooper right after crossing into Jersey and was held on the side of the road for a while. The trooper at first wanted to have the trailer impounded as it was a decent size and definitely a hazard on the road. After pleading with him he agreed to let it slide but he did make me turn around and go back to Staten Island. So, after battling the traffic back over the bridge and searching out an auto parts store I bought a new harness and luckily that sorted it out. This was probably about a two hour ordeal and more than that a LOT of stress as I knew people were waiting/calling/twittering and I didn’t even know if I would be able to get these lights working.

Now, having said all that, I know that on any given weekend we have a good number of people who rely on me and this tailgate party, and they show up for it on good faith that I will be there ready to go. This week while we did make it and a lot of people had a great time, some of the early birds did not and it very much upsets me that some people where literally and figuratively left in the cold. Whatever the excuse is, it is my screw-up and I take ownership of that. Those of you who have been to my parties know that a lot of work and love goes into this, we don’t just do the burgers and dogs stuff and a lot of time is spent cooking some great stuff from scratch. I am sure a bunch of you have heard me go on and on about one thing or another we were serving up and what was in it. These parties are something I take a lot of pride in and that is why tonight is really upsetting to me.

Every week I get asked by 2-3 people if my guys and I are in the food business, and we aren’t. We are just regular die hard fans like you who have been doing this for years and decided to open it up to all of those other die hard fans who don’t have the ability or desire to lug a bunch of stuff to and from the game so that they can have the same experience we know and love as Jets and football fans. I have made some great life long friends and this has become a special thing to me. I am really looking forward to making TailgateJoe an even better experience next season just as the Jets are doing with the new stadium. I hope to see every one of you there next year!

And hay, we are the fifth seed, after tonight you never know, there might be one more game left in that building!

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